IMPORTANT NOTE: This tool is deprecated and starting with TntConnect 4.0.0 you will not be able to import reports generated with this tool into TntConnect after May 31, 2020. TntWare has announced that they removed the functionality to import from a file in favor of requiring organizations to use DonorHub or users to manually import gifts. Instead I recommend talking to your organization about using TntWare's DonorHub service which works with Quickbooks as well as numerous other accounting and donation management software. Unfortunately it isn't free, but it provides a better service than this tool can since it allows for daily updates of donations and account balances which sync directly with your donor tracking software (TntConnect, MPDX, etc). For more information about this change please go here. This tool will remain up, but only versions of TntConnect prior to 4.0.0 and MPDX will work with it.

TntConnect version 3.5.26 can be downloaded here. This version of TntConnect is no longer supported by TntWare and, at the request of the developer, the link will be removed February 28, 2021.

Quickbooks/CSV donation report to TntConnect datasync converter (formerly TntMPD)
UPDATE: TntMPD is now TntConnect. This tool is compatible with version 3.1 and newer.
Many missions organizations track their donations and send their staff reports of gifts and addresses but entering those manually can take hours to enter. Often people don't track gifts and address changes at all and it can be months before they realise that a ministry partners gifts haven't been coming or someone gave an extra gift and need to be thanked. TntMPD can track these gifts and addresses automatically and with this tool you can take a csv report generated by your organization and create a file that TntMPD can use.
This tool has the simple function of converting a Quickbooks or CSV donation report in CSV format to a file that TntMPD can understand and import. This tool is in Beta and it is recommended that you test your TntMPD datasync file on a blank database before importing into your live database. Please email me to report problems [email protected]
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If your company tracks donations with Quickbooks and you would like to be able to use this tool to automatically import your donations and/or addresses to TntMPD, please email at [email protected] for details.
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